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As our time in New Plymouth ends, I am reflecting on our time here and how real this trip is. We have done so much, from dining at nice restaurants to doing surfing lessons in the ocean. We have gone mini-golfing and bowling, done waterslides and swimming, and done a lot of EATING. In this blog post, I’m going to talk about some things I found cool about New Zealand, and especially about FOOD in New Zealand.

Things I Noticed

I’ve noticed that lots of New Zealanders don’t wear their shoes everywhere. They also have slang like “you reckon” and they also call flip-flops “jandals.” Another thing I was interested in is that they use a different measuring system (my dad told me that what they use is the metric system, and what we use in the USA is called the Imperial system).

Food in New Zealand: Ice Cream

Also, it is winter in Chicago and summer here. It is sunny and warm or sometimes hot. So food in New Zealand is different. We get to eat ice cream a lot. Did you know “New Zealand leads the world in ice cream consumption with a per capita consumption of 28.4 liters per year” (according to WorldAtlas)? On average, I eat about ¾ of an ice cream scoop a day. I learned that one of the most popular New Zealand ice creams is Hokey Pokey. It’s made of vanilla and toffee pieces.

One place we went was Little Liberty in Inglewood, near New Plymouth. This stood out to me because (in my brother’s words) it’s a “creamery”, which means that it’s made not by machines, but by hand. But actually, they make it with cashew milk! And it is amazing. Also, their sorbets are great and really creative. I had two types, each time we went I had one, the first time I had Grapefruit Mint which was super good, and the second time I had Mango Passionfruit, which was also really good.

Food in New Zealand: Restaurants

We’ve gone to multiple restaurants to eat food in New Zealand. They’ve all been mostly good. Some of my favorites in New Plymouth were Petite Cha (which is a boba place), Siam, and Polpetta. Polpetta is an Italian restaurant with different kinds of “balls” (ours were made of beets) and really good dessert.

I also liked Green Door, where I had a salad. I usually don’t like salads, but this one was fantastic. Another place we went was Kahakai Poke Bowl. I got the bowl with teriyaki tofu and it was really good. This is not really a restaurant — it’s a food truck in a little court with a bunch of other places of all different cuisines. There are a bunch of tables in the front where everybody can sit.

Also in Auckland, we went to two restaurants called Culprit and Gorkha, and I loved both of them. Culprit is a fancy restaurant that has a set menu and they have really good food. They are also in the heart of Auckland. Our server had actually moved around her whole life and had this very interesting accent. She had lived in Spain and Argentina. I loved Culprit because the set menu was great and they accommodated both of our family’s diet restrictions.


Gorkha is an Indian restaurant on the coast which also has Nepalese and Indo-Chinese food. I loved Gorkha because the dumpling soup I got was fantastic. It was so fantastic that I really want to go there again.


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    The main part of my blog will be interviewing. I will be interviewing people we meet, and my family after the cool things we do. Whether it’s something cultural or something touristy, I will interview them about what they thought about it and why.

5 thoughts on “Food, Food, Food”

  1. What a cool post, Meera. I liked Polpetta too. I’ll be sure to try out Gorkha and Culprit the next time we go to Auckland.

    While in you’re in Wellington, be sure to have a cheese scone (Pravda is my favourite) and here are a few other things you might like:

    Steam – South Indian in Rotorua
    Indo Tempeh House and Grater Goods – vegan in Christchurch
    Patagonia ice creamery – Queenstown

  2. Yummmm. Dumpling soup sounds amazing! Thanks for teaching us all about the food there. I wonder if the food costs the same as in the US?

    We miss you! I can’t wait to hear about the next flavor of ice cream you choose.

  3. Ohh! I loved this post. Ivana and I are grateful for all the places you shared!! She says that she is going to try all the flavors of ice cream and teriyaki tofu that you mentioned.

    You are a fan of ice cream and what a coincidence that NZ consumes that amount haha ​​I am very happy that you are enjoying it so much.

    I will be waiting for more posts from you!!

    1. Meera, I love this post so SO much! Being a fellow foodie, I devoured it! Continuing sharing your travels, and know that I’m following along and enjoying your journey. Much love being sent your way dear Meera. ❤️ Indira Aunty

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