Meera Interviews Jemma & Grant (Zig Zag Tours)

Jemma and Grant

We met Jemma and Grant of Zig Zag Tours when we took a boat ride with Chaddy’s Charters in New Plymouth. We enjoyed chatting with them so much that they kindly agreed to sit down for an interview with Meera.

Check out this video of their wide-ranging conversation to learn more about travel in New Zealand and around the world, close encounters with large animals, and (for the rom-com buffs) how they met.

And check out their site for some slow travel itineraries devised with their expertise to discover the amazing treasures of Aoteroa New Zealand!


  • Meera Revuluri

    The main part of my blog will be interviewing. I will be interviewing people we meet, and my family after the cool things we do. Whether it’s something cultural or something touristy, I will interview them about what they thought about it and why.

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