My Top 5: Universal Studios Japan


The Harry Potter Section

1. Hogwarts

The top thing in the Harry Potter section is how realistic Hogwarts was. Some things I saw at Hogwarts that I thought were cool include, first, there Trelaneys Tower,  Dining Hall, etc. You could easily identify them. Even when you were waiting in line for the Hogwarts tour ride and going through the “dungeons” it looked like the dungeons. 

2. Getting A Shirt, and Zonkos

Something I was so excited about was getting a souvenir from Hogwarts. I got a baggy shirt that has the Hogwarts crest and motto. Also, Zonkos had lots of sweets from the books like exploding bonbons, every flavor beans, etc. We even got a chocolate frog.  

Nintendo World

3. How Interactive Nintendo World Is

Nintendo World was so cool and looked exactly like the game. I have only played it a few times. It was so cool there were coins, those plants that eat you in the game, and more it was so exciting to experience going there. Also, you can get a bracelet that you can use to get coins and other stuff by hitting the mystery boxes with it. We didn’t get one because we were only there for a short amount of time and were already cutting it close(with time) we only got to do one ride and walk around.

4. The Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge Ride

We only got to do one ride but it was so fun it was like a VR thing and you went through so many different kinds of tracks from the Nintendo Mario game like the rainbow road track. I never figured out how to get points, but it was still enjoyable.

Everything Else

5. The Jurassic Ride

The Jurassic ride was so scary. First, you went through a lake and saw some dinosaurs. Then we went into the lab part. There was this voice saying red alert. A T-rex came down like it was about to eat us. Then we jetted down. I was shaking and crying.  

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